Keep track of the latest updates, fixes, and improvements to Zapp!

For support issues, please file an issue on the GitHub repository or contact us on Discord.

IntelliJ Keybindings

  • It's now possible to use IntelliJ keybindings in the editor. To enable, press the "Key Bindings" option and select your provider. Currently this only persists for the current browser instance - we are working on a way to persist this across sessions once we're confident the implementation is sound.

February 2023 Update

  • Flutter 3.7.3 - Support for Flutter SDK version 3.7.3 is now live.
  • Analyzer Rework - The Dart Analyzer has been reworked, fixing multiple issues such as 'Jump to Definition', code documentation on hover and more. Startup time has also been improved.
  • Project Details - Add different UI panes to the project details section depending on the project type (import, example etc).
  • Download Project - When downloading a project archive, the archive name is now uses underscore (_) characters rather than dashes (-).
  • QR Codes - When showing the QR Code dialog, it is now possible to change the code to link to the editor or preview.
  • Stop Application - It is now possible to stop a running application via the stop button in the header.
  • Fix - Fixed issues where the editor would not reveal selections/lines when pressed from Search, Logs & Diagnostics.
  • Fix - Fixed an issue where the entrypoint build selector was not synchronising with the application correctly.
  • Fix - Fixed an issue which caused build files to be missing when using a different entrypoint to build the application.
  • Fix - Fixed a UI layout issue whereby the menu pane would blowout of it's container with long project names.

January 2023 Update

  • Flutter 3.7.0 - Support for Flutter SDK version 3.7.0 is now live.
  • New website design 🎉 We've revamped the entire website to help show off the capabilities of the platform.
  • Blog - We've added a blog to the website to help keep you up to date with the latest news, updates and musing.
  • Documentation - We've added a documentation section to the website to help you get started with Zapp! Visit to get started.
  • Import Examples - You can now view instantly view examples of any compatible package! Read the blog post to find out more.
  • GitHub Repository Import - Import any Dart or Flutter GitHub project in seconds. Read the blog post to find out more.
  • GitHub Gist Import - Import any Dart or Flutter GitHub Gist in seconds. Read the blog post to find out more.
  • Integration Support - An integrations API (compiler, analyzer, remote builds etc) is available in private beta. Please get in touch with us on Discord if you wish to know more.

December 2022 Update

  • Flutter 3.3.9 - Support for Flutter SDK version 3.3.9 is now live.
  • Compiler - Improvements have been made to the compiler, resulting in significantly faster compilation times on both Intel & Apple Sillicon chips.
  • CanvasKit - The CanvasKit render is now the default renderer (previously HTML renderer). The can be configured as per the Flutter runtime configuration.
  • Dart-only Mode 🎉 Zapp! now supports Dart-only projects with ultra-fast compilations. Check it out!
  • Profile - A basic profile page has been added, allowing you to quickly navigate and view your previous projects.
  • Project Info - The project information pane has been moved to be more visible, allowing you to edit project information quickly.
  • Assets - A bug causing assets to be corrupted has been fixed. Unfortunately, this means that any assets uploaded before this update will need to be re-uploaded.
  • Asset Images - Image assets are now viewable directly from the editor.
  • Dependencies - A dependency pane has been added to the editor, allowing you to quickly view and navigate what package dependencies are installed.
  • Statistics - View and forking statistics are now being (anoymously) tracked, and are viewable from the profile and editor.